When God Provided!

Last Thursday, Thanksgiving, after the food coma from my mother’s wonderful cooking subsided, and the football game was over, an interesting conversation began.  I don’t know what got me to ask this question, but I simply asked Dad how in the world we survived financially back when we first moved to Springfield so that he could start at AGTS and we could begin the process to become missionaries.  Mom and Dad began to tell us story after story of how God provided.  They left a thriving church in St. Louis, South Side Assembly of God, to pursue that which God had called them to do, so they knew God would take care of them, and He did.

There was the time when Dad went to the bank to get some money out on a Friday because we were going down to Texas for the week to minister.  There was no money in the account.  He thought about going over to a local church to borrow money, but sensed God leading him to just go on.  We stayed at one of my great Aunt’s house on the way down, and before we left on Saturday morning she had made us a bunch of sandwiches so that we wouldn’t have to purchase food.  Somehow, some way we got the greatest gas mileage in the history of gas mileage.  The tank just would not empty.  It was on E for over 100 miles, but dad was able to keep driving on it.  At the end of the week of revival Dad was given an offering, and boy did we need it, since all he had was 33 cents.  God called, Dad answered Yes, and God provided.

Then, there was the time we only had a can of green beans in the counter before we were going to go to Gideon, MO for a weekend of revival.  As the pastor was going up to the pulpit to introduce Dad, he felt God urge him to have the church bring food for us to take back to Springfield.  We ended up having such a full trunk that the back end of the car was weighted down so much that it almost looked like we were doing a wheelie all the way home on HWY 60!  God called, that pastor said yes, God provided.

So I heard all these stories.  Stories I know, and have heard many times.  As I sat there, still discouraged and wondering what, if any, impact I had at Life360, I just found myself hearing these stories and while Dad was talking, I just said a quick prayer. “God, I need something like that.  I need to know that Megan and I are going in the right direction because right now things are hard. You called. I answered. Will you provide please?”

When we got home, even though I knew there had been no mail delivery that day, I hadn’t checked it the day before, so I decided to check it then.  In it was a letter from a mom of one of the students who had only started going to Life360-Youth in the last two months I was there:


Thank you so much for all you’ve done for my girl in your ministry at Life360. May God bless whatever your next steps are in His will for your lives.  Here is something to help you on your way.

            God called. I answered. He provided!