What are You Passionate About?

As we get closer and closer to the Super Bowl this coming Sunday (Go Broncos), the word that describes both the play on the field, and the fans in the stands, is passionate.  The Broncos and Seahawks players are passionate about winning, and putting it all out there on the field.  The fans are passionate about cheering them on as loud as they can, spurring them on to victory.  This Sunday for the game, I’m going to be passionate about eating junk food, because I do it rarely now in preparation for a half Ironman I am doing in June.

The other day I asked the question on Facebook: What is your church passionate about and how would I see that if I walked into your building?

I got some good responses. One wild thing for me is that the first three responses were from teammates from the triathlon club.  I fully expected many of my pastor friends on Facebook to respond, but none of them did.  I wonder why? (I’m guessing they just didn’t see it)

What I often see and hear are two different things when that question is asked.  I often hear the right thing:

  • We’re passionate about discipleship
  • We’re passionate about missions
  • We’re passionate about reaching the lost
  • We’re passionate about worship
  • We’re passionate about….

But that’s not always what I see.  What would happen if we as a church quit saying what we were passionate about and instead started doing those things.  If we say that we are passionate about discipleship, then what are we doing to show that? If we say that we are passionate about missions, are we doing anything that displays that to others?  If we say that we are passionate about reaching the lost, then why haven’t I led one person to Christ in 2014?! (That’s right, I went there on myself!)

If a man or woman walked into your church, walked into your home, or simply watched you in your every day, ordinary life, he or she should be able to say without question what you are passionate about.

So are they saying the above examples? Or are they saying…

  • They’re passionate about making each other feel good and happy
  • They’re passionate about keeping their small group of friends….a small group of friends
  • They’re passionate about playing games
  • They’re passionate about putting on a good face

I want to be passionate about impacting eternity, and I got to start acting that way!


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